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Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan

March 28th – April 8th 2020

12 days of Beauty

Once a year and for only about seven days these gifts of nature bloom with such ferocity they are something to behold. Attracting visitors from all over the world Sakura really are Mother Nature’s gift to us all. Starting their bloom in the southern areas of Japan, Sakura, like an orchestrated masterpiece, emerge one by one moving further and further north. Japan Food Tours purposely designs the Cherry Blossom Tour to give guests the maximum opportunity to witness this natural wonder in all its glory. If there is one natural event you choose to witness in your life it has to be the Cherry Blossoms of Japan.

“Journey to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Mt Fuji, Tokyo, Yokohama, Sendai, Matsushima and other Exclusive Locations”


“Enjoy Sushi, Kobe Wagyu, Kaiseki Cuisine, Gourmet Street Food, Modern Fusion Cuisine, Sake and other Amazing Food and Drink”


We look forward to welcoming you on tour and sharing this once in a lifetime experience with you.

“The Experience of a Lifetime”
Marilyn C (USA)


- Itinerary At A Glance -

Day 1

Arrive in Tokyo and journey to Osaka. Enjoy local night life and first glimpse at Cherry Blossoms 

Day 2

Travel to Kyoto. Visit Fushimi Inari, Kinkaku-ji and plenty of Cherry Blossom viewing.

Day 3

Visit Osaka Castle before heading to Kobe for Wagyu and Cherry Blossoms.

Day 4

Travel to Yamanashi for a couple of days of supreme relaxation. Stay in luxury ryokan and enjoy Kaiseki Breakfast and Dinner.

Day 5

Second day of luxury Yamanashi Ryokan. Plenty of relaxation and views of Mt Fuji. Soak away the day in your private in-room hot spring.

Day 6

Travel to Tokyo and enjoy an authentic Hanami experience. Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms whilst enjoying a picnic meal and drink.

Day 7

A day with the sushi master. Enjoy the best sushi in the world in the Tokyo backstreets. A night view from Tokyo Skytree.

Day 8

Journey to Yokohama for Mt Fuji views, real Japanese ramen and Kirin Beer. Return to Tokyo for an Izakaya experience. 

Day 9

Visit the iconic parts of Tokyo including, Asakusa, Kappa-bashi and Yoyogi-koen. Travel to Shibuya to witness the most famous crossing in the world. 

Day 10

Journey to Sendai and visit Sendai Castle. Experience the local favourite, Gyutan. Discover the Sendai nightlife in Kokubuncho.

Day 11

Travel to Matsushima for spectular views, a cruise and plenty of local seafood. Enjoy the local hospitality and famous bay. 

Day 12

Travel back to Tokyo where the tour concludes. 

- More Than Just A Food Tour -

As our company name suggests we are experts in Japanese Cuisine; however, this is far from all we are. Our Signature Tour, Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan 2019 is first and foremost about the Cherry Blossoms. We have a program organised that will give our guests the very best opportunity to witness this most magical time of year. We have booked a combination of the very best hotels that offer the very best level of comfort and location for our daily activities. We have organised a culinary program that is simply the best. We ensure that each of our guests experiences the true Japan and will finish the tour with the fondest of memories.

Our tours always receive 5/5 ratings from our guests because we go the extra mile to provide an unmatched experience. The Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan is a must do and we guarantee you will not regret it.

View Our Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan Video below

Exclusive Ryokan Japanese Traditional Hotel


Japan Food Tours has secured for our guests the very best hotel in the Mt Fuji area. We will spend two days in the most luxurious surroundings enjoying everything about Japanese hospitality. Breakfast and Dinner are First-Class Kaiseki Cuisine and are served to our guests in the privacy of their room. This truly is a luxury experience that you will remember forever. Each room contains a private hot spring bath so guests can relax in total privacy away from the world at anytime they wish. The best part however is all you have to do is look up and you will see Mt Fuji. The only way to experience this one of a kind, luxury hotels is to join our Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan.


Great experience, will go again!

Great experience, will go again!

My wife and I have traveled to Europe many times and taken part in many river cruises. We can both safely say that travelling to Japan with Japan Food Tours was the best thing we have ever done. No request was too big, we were looked after so, so well. If you are having doubts ask the team at Japan Food Tours to give you my number, I will tell you how good they really are. Great experience, will go again!
John H (Canada)
Cherry Blossom Tour 2018
Amazing attention to detail

Amazing attention to detail

I have always been fascinated with Japan. My husband and I decided to join Japan Food Tours for the cherry blossom tour in March 2018 becasue we were sick of going with big companies and being treated as just a number. The small tour group and the EXCEPTIONAL guide ensured we had the very best experience. We cannot recommend Japan Food Tours highly enough, their knowledge of Japan and the attention to detail is just the best!
Judy L (Australia)
Cherry Blossom Tour 2018
The best food I have ever eaten

The best food I have ever eaten

"We had an extensive look at all the different companies providing cherry blossom tours to Japan, we closely compared prices and itineraries. We cannot overstate how overjoyed we are for choosing Japan Food Tours, so many inclusions, the best food we have ever eaten, excellent hotels, fantastic experiences and a guide that looked after us the whole time. I urge anyone who is considering a trip to Japan to go with Japan Food Tours!"
Marilyn C (USA)
Cherry Blossom Tour 2018

Exclusive Tour Highlights

- Cherry Blossom Tour 2019 -

Luxury Accommodation

Japan Food Tours ensures that guests experience the very best that Japan has to offer. We have organised a combination of luxurious accommodation that is sure to impress. From traditional ryokan accommodation to modern hotels, we have it covered. 

First Class Cuisine

As our name suggests we are a experts in Japanese cuisine. From gourmet street classics to the finest kaiseki and Michelin starred cuisine. Japan Food Tours offers a culinary adventure that will never be matched. 

Unique Experiences

Discover locations that will leave you in wonder. Partake in unique activities that are not found on the tourist trail.  Experience the real Japan that only a select few get to see. 

Trusted Tour Operator

Luxury Japan Travel and Japan Food Tours are certified as both Japan Travel Specialists and Masters of Japan Travel by the Japanese National Tourism Organisation. These certification represent not only a trusted tour operator but also a true expert of Japan travel. Look for these certifications to guarantee the best possible Japan travel experience and tour guide knowledge. We also choose and recommend the following great companies. 

Why Travel With Us?

- Experience the Difference -

Luxury Accommodation

We meticulously select a combination of traditional ryokan and modern hotels that offer the best location, access and comfort.

Private & Exclusive

All our tours are private & exclusive. We offer a level of service that simply cannot be matched.

Small Groups

The maximum group size is 10 guests. Small groups sizes ensures that every guest has the VIP experience.

Unique Experiences

Partake in unique activities that aren't available on the regular tourist trail.

VIP Treatment

Each and every guests is looked after 24/7 pre-tour, during the tour, and, post-tour. Our service level is unmatched.

First Class Dining

We provide the very best dining experiences that you will simply not find anywhere else.

Pricing Information

- Early Bird Special -

$1000 OFF/Double Booking

From USD $9,980/person

All Accommodation

First Class Dining Experiences

24/7 Expert Guide

All Activities


3 Nights Osaka Premier
2 Nights Bessho Sasa
4 Nights Nihonbashi Premier (Tokyo)
2 Nights Mitsui Sendai

First Class Dining Experience

From Street Food Classics to Michelin Starred Cuisine and beyond. The culinary program cannot be matched.

24/7 Expert Guide

Japan Food Tours personally guides every tour, we do not outsource. Guests are looked after 24/7 and provided with the ultimate VIP treatment. Guests are guaranteed the very best experience of Japan.

All Activities

The tour price covers all perscribed activites included in the official itinerary. From entry to world heritage sites to cooking classes and events, everything is included.

Contact Us

Our Signature Cherry Blossom Tour is operated by Japan Food Tours. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do we need to be to participate in the tour?

Japan by nature is a country where people walk. It is not uncommon for Japanese locals to walk many kilometres per day. Our tours are designed to offer a mix of activities and intensities. You will need a low-moderate level of fitness to adequately participate in the Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan.

Do you provide travel insurance?

We do not provide travel insurance for our guests. The selection and purchase of the appropriate travel insurance is the responsibility of the guest.

What language is spoken during the tour?

The tour is conducting in English. If you are unable to understand a good level of English then the Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan is not for you. 

Is Japan a safe country?

Japan is an exceptionally safe country with an extremely low rate of crime. Japan is very tourist friendly, and as such, it is quite common for a local to approach a foreign tourist if they look like they need assistance. 

I am a solo traveller, can I join the tour?

We do permit solo travellers to join us on our tours, and we have so many times in the past. If you are travelling on your own you are required to pay a single traveller supplement. The amount is provided to you at the time of booking. 


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